Laravel v10 is just around the corner. The team is already planning to release the Laravel v10 on 7th Feb, 2023. So, Are you excited to know in more details about v10 and features that v10 will bring with it. Let’s talk in more detail.

You can also check the official website of Laravel to know about the upcoming release and features. 

Laravel 10 Release Date

Before the release of Laravel 9 - all the major versions of the framework were introduced twice a year or roughly every six months. After Laravel 9 - core team decided to release the new versions on an annual schedule. Laravel 9 was released in February of 2022 and now after a year Laravel 10 is about to release in February 2023. 

The schedule of annual release is look like :- 

  • Laravel 9: February 8th, 2022
  • Laravel 10: February 7th, 2023
  • Laravel 11: February 6th, 2024

After the release of Laravel, the core team is working to get bug fixes until the 8th August, 2023 and they will work on security fixes until February, 2024. 

Same schedule for Laravel 10 will be like - for bug fixes around August, 2024 and do the security fixes until February, 2025. 

Laravel 10 drops support for PHP 8.0

One of the major updates that is about to be discussed a lot with the release of Laravel 10 is - framework will drop support for PHP <=v8.0. Now the minimum PHP version is required is >8.1. In the version of Laravel 10, it is expected to see some features of 8.1 in the framework.

Native type declarations in Laravel 10 skeleton

It is one of the highlights that Application Skeleton in Laravel 10 will have Native type declarations. It is the feature where any code which is generated by the framework must have type-hints and return types. In this article, we are only discussing approaches and I’m sure you will love this feature update while you will work on new projects in future. 

It will be added in the way that it will disturb the backward compatibility at the framework level:

  • Return types
  • Method arguments
  • Redundant annotations are removed where possible
  • Allow user land types in closure arguments
  • Does not include typed properties

Deprecations from Laravel 9

Some methods which are marked as deprecated in the last version of Laravel are removed in the new version of Laravel 10. At the time of release, we will get a full guide to outlining deprecated methods. Also, the guide will let us know how to upgrade.       

  • Remove various deprecations Pull Request #41136
  • Remove deprecated dates property in Pull Request #42587
  • Remove handleDeprecation method in Pull Request #42590
  • Remove deprecated assertTimesSent method Pull Request #42592
  • Remove deprecated ScheduleListCommand's $defaultName property 419471e
  • Remove deprecated Route::home method Pull Request #42614
  • Remove deprecated dispatchNow functionality Pull Request #42591

And More...

Laravel 10 is just about to release few and more new functionalities and features will be coming out with official announcements. Keep in touch to know more about the update of Laravel. Keep your eye on the official website of Laravel to know more. If you are planning to upgrade your website into a new version of Laravel then connect to Laravel Development Company and leverage their services now.