Performance is one of the important factors that affect the success of the software, your application must be smooth and responsive to compete with the modern world. Apple products are one of the best examples of this. They are well known for their better performance and design.

If you want your app to be listed with the Apple product, make sure that your design will be unique and responsive. Developing iOS applications is no more a difficult task as there are many development firms are available. 

App store of iOS apps is full of a large number of applications, so you must be unique with your ideas. Today, I will discuss iOS App Performance Tips and Tricks to improve the performance of your iOS App.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Performance of iOS Applications

Analyze your target market

Your application should deliver some value to the user and fulfill the need of the end-user to become successful. So, you need to analyze the market well and understand the requirement of your target audience. 

You need to be clear about the age, gender, economic conditions, relationship status, etc of your target users. Also, understand the behavioral patterns of your user by doing competitor analysis.

Use Appropriate Background Images

iOS coding has multiple ways to do things just like it has at least two ways to add backdrop images. If you want to produce the color for your background, use UIColor’s colorWithPatternImage. 

I advise you to use UIImageView as UIColor’s colorWithPatternImage is only able to create small images, not suitable for large images. But if you have a full-size backdrop image, you can save a lot of memory by using UIImageView

Speed up Launching Time

When users use your application for the first time, it is important for the application to be up and running quickly. The first impression is very important.

You should use as many possible asynchronous processes like database access, network queries, and date parsing to insure the quick start of your applications. I also like to advise you to avoid the bulky XIBs as there are loaded on the main thread. 

Layout of Content

When you draw down the layout of your application, you must keep in mind that your user doesn’t see the coding. The user only has to play with the design and content. Content can play a crucial role in delivering maximum user experience. 

Whatever your content is, it should be fit on screen. A prominent iOS app development company always focuses on the good arrangement of content and keeping the transition between pages clean and simple. 

The design that you choose should be smooth and intuitive. Keep the images aligned and use the right size and style of fonts in the iOS application.


Apple devices frequently come up with updates and those updates can affect the performance of your application. So, you need to develop applications that can work with all iOS versions. 

For example, one person has the newest Apple phone and one person have the older one but both can be the perfect target audience for you. So, compatibility is necessary for better reach. 


These tips and tricks will help you to improve the performance of your iOS application during the process of development. You need to be careful while developing the programs before optimizing the performance of iOS applications. Your app must be responsive and fluid. 

Well-built applications, always give you a better performance. If you are looking to improve your iOS Apps performance, Hire React Native developer - they will help you to improve the performance of your iOS apps.