Among all the established brands, Python is one of the most preferred Programming languages. Many big organizations such as Netflix, Microsoft, Google, Red Hat - Are relying on Python for large-scale projects.

You can see that Python’s popularity is increasing day by day among many successful companies. So, it’s no more surprising why startups and businesses Hire Python developers for web development projects. 

But, also the question raises how much it costs to Hire python developers?

Well, Don't worry !! We will find an answer here with this post. We will talk about some key cost influencing factors.

Why is Python So Popular with Companies and Developers in 2022?

Python is one of the most suitable languages that become the first choice for developers and companies to use it in large-scale projects.

Why? Here are the reasons:

  1. Easy Learning Curve

Junior developers find Python more easy to learn compared to any other programming languages.. As a result, they can write and execute python codes quite faster. 

  1. Strong Python Community

Python was introduced way back and it is one of the oldest languages and that is why Python has a huge community of developers whether they are beginners or experienced. 

Also, Python has good documentation, tutorials and guides videos available to start any level of projects.

  1. Multiple Use Cases

Multiple use cases are the one of the top reasons why people are demanding for Python. Python is not limited upto web development. It is also used for data analysis, game development, machine learning, and more. 

  1. Plenty of Python Libraries and Frameworks

Python has so many good libraries and frameworks that make development more simple and faster. Among all, Django and Flash are more popular frameworks to Speed up the development. 

What is the Average Cost to Hire a Python Developer?

Many factors are affecting the overall cost to hire a Python developer. Those factors include location, scope of project, expertise required, rates can vary a lot.

Here’s a quick overview of the average rates by region you can expect to bear:




$18-$40 per hour


$25-$45 per hour

South America

$30-$50 per hour


$60-$95 per hour

North America

$100-$150 per hour

Factors that Affect the Cost to Hire Python Developer

  • The complexity of the Project
  • Experience and Expertise of the Developer
  • Development Location
  • Turnaround Time
  • Maintenance     


So, we have seen what Python has in its pocket to offer the world of web development. A Strong community of Python developers, automation support, easy learning curve, and whatnot. The demand of Python developers is no more surprising. 

If you want to take Python on for your web development project, Contact the best Python development company or hire Python developer at the best rate of the industrty.