Whenever we hear about the word “React Native”, we directly recall that the framework was introduced by Facebook. And we use React Native to develop applications such as web applications, Android applications, and iOS applications. Moreover, React Native is an open-source framework. 

One of the great things about React Native is that with React Native you can use the same designs as compose mobile UI and React from declarative components. If you have an existing iOS and Android project, you can Hire React Native Developer for that and build an application in scratch.

You all are aware about the growth and development of applications like Facebook, Uber, Skype, and more. So, just a thought comes into mind that React Native could be the choice for developers for mobile app development in future.

If you are an owner and you plan to develop a mobile app, the very first thing you want to clearly decide is Operating System selection. We all know that iOS and Android are ruling the world of operating systems. But if we look both closely, iOS is more known for its better customer experience and Android is known for its strong development.

But just imagine, what if we have a framework that has features of both operating systems. That fulfills the gap between the user experience and development. Yes, we have such a framework, when it comes to performing on a different platform, React Native blessed the world of development with its prominents features.

React native has potential and ability to lead the business of Mobile app development company in the future. For developing the native application, React native uses the React.js library. Let's go in much deeper detail about the future of React Native.

Feature that can lead React Native as Future of mobile app development.

1. It is an Open Source

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity and success of React Native is, it has a strong community and React Native is open source. Its strong community includes those contributors who have experience of working with many complex projects and they are continuously improving. They are contributing to improve the features of React Native and try to fix the errors.

When you are using technology with a strong community environment, you will get certain advantages like you will get a big team of developers and they will share their knowledge and experience with you and let you know the best use of available resources.

2. Cost Saving and the Use of Same Code to Build Different Platform App

React Native allows you to use the same code for Android and iOS. And when you use the same code for two different platforms, your time will be automatically saved. Not only time, but the cost of development is also saved. That's the reason why developers prefer to use React Native, they have to do half the effort and get 90% the same code for both platforms. 

Yes, Now with React Native, you don't need to worry about the writing the code in C# for windows and in swift for Java. It will work on different platforms as well. In-short, write code once and use it on any platform. But if there is modification required, it can take your extra time.

3. It Covers Two Major OS - Android and iOS

We know that the operating system has two major platforms like iOS and Android, and React Native covers both. Developing applications for different platforms is quite difficult and headaches full of tasks. For iOS,, you must have a great knowledge and understanding about the C and Swift.

And on the other hand, Android asked for the understanding and knowledge of Java and Android SDK. with the knowledge of React Native, you can stay updated with the new and advanced features.

4. Programming Language

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of React Native amongst the developers is the programming languages React Native is using. Javascript is used as a programming language in React Native, and the advantages of JavaScript is that with no experience and little knowledge you can still use Javascript. Learning Javascript is also quite easy and smooth.

5. It is Greatly Responsive

When you are working with React Native, you will get to know that React Native is providing a better UI design compared to others. And it is responsive, you will also get the best and advanced features with React Native. You will feel your react native application extremely smooth as it reduces the loading time as well.

6. Live Reload Feature

One of the blessings for developers, with this feature, React Native developers can see the live results of modifications they have done in coding. You will not find these features in any other native frameworks. 

Let’s understand with an example, suppose you are working with your code modification, at that time you just need to open two windows. One of coding and second of your mobile screen. Whatever changes you do in coding, you can see the live results on the second screen. How amazing.

What Makes React Native Better Than Other Frameworks?

In the mobile industry, React Native surprised everyone with its amazing features. React Native launched with the solution of hybrid apps and gave the amazing solution to mobile development.

Today, in the world of mobile app development, React Native has the biggest and strongest community and it is one of the most trusted open-source frameworks. You just need to develop a Javascript codebase, you can get the access of various plugins and get cost-effective development.

You will feel the smooth and unique appearance with this technology. You will feel the better application performs better than others.

When you are about to develop your application, money will be the most important factor, if you are having a low budget, then React Native will be the go to framework for you. You need to hire a React Native developer only for developing iOS and Android applications.

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Final Words 

For developing the cross platform application, React Native is the most preferable framework. It is open source and reduces lots of development time and cost. Nowaday, having high-quality applications is the new trend. And with this digital world, React Native could be the  future of mobile apps.

If you are planning to develop your mobile application, contact the skilled and experienced professionals of the React Native framework. Hire React Native Developer, and grow your business by developing your iOS and Android applications.