In Today's era, online shopping has become a necessary part of our lives, online shops like Myntra, Amazon, etc. are turning out to be essential and especially in these covid times where people are forced to stay at home and not go shopping, competition becomes extra complicated every day; therefore, e-commerce organizations are transferring to opt for different strategies to succeed. Today, we use mobile devices for everything right from sending messages or receiving calls and ordering services or products and paying for them. Paying with a smartphone has become very much easy for everyone. Whether you need to do the booking, buy products, use alternative currencies, control expenditures, and many other things for your system transactions, you'll want a payment gateway.

To make such innovative and particular mobile applications Flutter app development is considered the ultimate solution. Flutter app developers can construct cross-platform apps through its use of it. So now, we will discuss what is payment gateway integration with a flutter app. 

Integration of Payment Gateway

Applying those to the software makes buying/selling matters less complicated for sellers and customers through Payment Gateway Integration. Here, customers can avail themselves of many different types of services like reserving tickets online and doing payments online through simply one click. For customers who need to promote their merchandise online across the world for those types of businesses, mobile app payment is fundamental. Hence each mobile application has included a few or different payment gateways.

For any merchants, mobile software or e-commerce websites combine digital transactions referred to as Payment Gateway Software as, without this price processing software program, any online transaction isn't possible. This payment gateway software program helps many famous and common monetary systems, including American Express, MasterCard, and Visa, and may confirm users' information as it should be and quickly.

Follow these steps to integrate your Flutter application with the Payment Gateway

  1. Installation of Flutter Plugin
  2. Addition of Dependencies
  3. Package importation
  4. Create instance
  5. Attach the list of Event Listeners
  6. Create an Order on Server-side
  7. Add Checkout Options
  8. Open Checkout
  9. Store Fields in Server
  10. Verify Payment Signature

How will this payment gateway work?

A payment gateway specializes in securing the sensitive data given by the person during the process. It guarantees safety by encrypting information like the card and bank information supplied via the way of means of the consumer.

The following are the primary steps displaying how a standard fee gateway will work.

Step 1: When the customer will first visit the website and the order will be placed by him then he/she will press the Checkout button on the website.

Step 2: After that, the website or the e-commerce platform will take the client to a payment gateway in which she or he has to enter all of the applicable records, approximately the bank or the card they're using to pay. then the consumer will be taken to a secure web page of the bank so that the transaction can be legalized.

Step 3: Once the payment gateway receives the transaction's approval, the bank will inquire whether or not the client endures an adequate balance in the account to make this transaction successful.

Step 4: After that, the payment gateway will send a message to the service provider accordingly. If the response from the bank is negative then the client will not be able to do the transaction. If the reaction is positive from the bank portal, the service provider will seek the transaction from the bank.

Step 5: Lastly when the transaction is done then, the bank will resolve the money with the payment gateway. After receiving the message of confirmation of payment the customer will get a confirmation message of the order.


To conclude, these were the steps for integrating the payment gateway with the help of the flutter application. With the help of little coding, you will be able to integrate your payment app successfully which will redirect you as per the settings set by the user. So for creating a successful payment gateway, you need to hire a best-in-class Flutter app development company that will help make such unique and creative payment gateway apps.